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Gel Nail Polish Set 20000-35000RPM Nail Drill Machine Kit With UV LED Lamp Manicure Tools Kit Nail Art Set UV Builder Nail Gel

Gel Nail Polish Set 20000-35000RPM Nail Drill Machine Kit With UV LED Lamp Manicure Tools Kit Nail Art Set UV Builder Nail Gel

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Brand Name: Jewhiteny

Origin: Mainland China

Item Type: Set & Kit

Quantity: 1 SET

Model Number: 120W 35000RPM SET

Size: 4 IN 1 NAIL SET

Material: Plastic




Manicure set instruction
Step 1. Use nail clippers to trim your nails to the proper length.
Step 2. Use a long black nail file to sand the edges of the nails to make them smooth
Step 3. First use dead skin push to remove dead skin around nails.
Step 4. Use a steel push to remove dirt from the nail crevices

Step 5. If some nails do not need to be applied with nail polish, you can polish the nails with a four-sided sand strip at this time to make them shiny.
Step 6. Apply a base gel to the nails that are going to be designed for nail art, and then use the nail lamp to dry for 1 minute to prepare the foundation for the next nail design.
Step 7. This step can begin to design the nail style.
We provide nail decorations that can design many different styles of nails. Here are a few simple modeling tutorials.
Modeling 1: After the base gel has dried, start applying nail polish. Do not apply very thick nail polish at one time, you should first apply a thin layer of color, dry it with a nail lamp for 1 minute, and then apply another layer of color and use The nail lamp dries for 1 minute. Finally, apply the top gel on the nails and dry with a nail lamp for about 1 minute. The basic manicure steps have been completed. Finally, you can apply nutritious oil around your nails and simply massage to make it better absorbed.

Modeling 2: Continue from step 6. After the base gel is dried, apply the French styling guide sticker and apply it to the nails in the correct arc. Then apply color gel. After the nail polish is dried, you can use Rolls Nail Tape Lines to paste the shape. Then you can paste nail stickers or other decorations (rhinestone, pearls). Then you can apply glue at a desired location and use tweezers to grab the favorite rhinestones and Pearl, fixed on the nail, and finally apply a layer of top gel, use a nail lamp to dry the top gel, a beautiful nail design is completed.I believe you can easily find more manicure tutorials on the Internet. Our tool can make many styles of nails.

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