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Wide belts for women 2020 100% genuine leather high quality fashion designer ceinture femme luxury cinturones mujer strap flower

Wide belts for women 2020 100% genuine leather high quality fashion designer ceinture femme luxury cinturones mujer strap flower

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Brand Name: juhanfu

Department Name: Adult

Belts Material: Cowskin

Belts Material: Metal

Origin: Mainland China

Gender: WOMEN

Style: Fashion

Buckle Width: 5cm

Pattern Type: Floral

Buckle Length: 7cm

Belt Width: 3.7cm

Model Number: B-D-L-F39

Item Type: BELTS



BELTS LENGTH: 90-125 cm


Notice: Please do select the right size according to your waist, do contact with us if your waist more than XXL(100 cm =40 inches), we have some bigger sizes more than 125 cm. Or you can leave a message about the size you need on the orders. The belt is 100% as same as the pictures showed and described

         Here are detailed descriptions of our leathers (face, back and the cross-section from which we can judge whether it is grain leather or not easily)

        From the detailed descriptions, an obvious conclusion can be drawn: THE BELTS ARE MADE OF HIGH QUALITY FULL GRAIN LEATHER FROM CATTLE HIDE!

        These series of "Wide belts for women full grain leather" are all made of high quality full grain leather. As we all know Full Grain Leather is the highest grade leather money can buy. Full grain leather is the strongest and most resilient leather meanwhile It will almost always have a few imperfections (bug bites, barb wire scars, etc.). It comes from the top layer of the hide which has ALL of the grain, therefore, FULL grain. The natural surface of full grain leather burnishes and beautifies with use.

        Below is the schematic of a whole original hide.

       We haven't done anything to the belts to add character. The marks and scrapes and scars are all natural. Where the cattle had been gored scraped by barbed wire, cactus or mesquite thorns ... bitten by a coyote ... or branded, the color sets in deep and stands out a bit. You'll be able to see the full grain running through the hide in the form of veins too. Our belts may have a few small scars and imperfections, but those just lend a tremendous amount of character to it. Some belts have parts of the cow's brand here and there. Ride it hard; it'll look better.

        We use cattle hide imported from Mexico to produce belts while most other china belt-manufacturers utilize water-buffalo hide from Asia or Africa! Because of less scars and scrapes, cattle hide from Mexico are much better than water-buffalo one from Africa or Asia. In many places of Asia and Africa, water buffaloes are still looked as farm cattle to pull the ploughs! Such water-buffaloes are usually slaughtered when old. It will cause their hide rigid, and will not burnish and beautify with use. More old, more scars and veins, as well as more rigid. As a result, they have to remove most of scars and imperfections, thus the most resilient layers of the hide have been removed! Hence our belts are more strong and durable than many other similar ones, not to mention those made of only genuine leather.  

        As we all know that grain is the strongest fibers of the hide and full grain leather is the best leather in the world, so many others claim that their productions are made of grain leather and have good quality (some even declare top quality). Some companies sort of spray paint their inferior leather to try to make it look like full grain leather, but it just ends up looking like someone spray painted some cheap leather.  They only cheat you! Watch out!!!

        To unmask their tricks, we just have to go pick the thickness and color.

     Here are some pictures that can give you some real education on what to look for and what to look out for with regards to leather.

        First is on the color. Watch out for leather that isn't tanned long enough; it looks nice on the shelf, but it'll crack and tear in no time. Basically, (like us) all of the natural oils and preservatives are extracted from the hide and the tannery replenishes them by tumbling the skin in a big drum for hours and hours (it cost us three days). Some tanneries only tumble the leather long enough (one or two hours) to coat the outer layer and therefore the inner part never gets the oils and preservatives it needs, thus they save plenty of time and money which is one reason why their leather products are cheaper than ours. Fully tanned leather is vital to maintaining our good name, so please read on.

        The second is about thickness.

        It's hard to tell the difference since most others either paint or fold over and sew the edges.

        All of our edges are unfinished and unpainted so you can see they're roughly the same color throughout. The shade may vary, but you won’t see any blue in the middle. They don't look as perfect and "Pretty boy" this way, but that's fine. They're not perfect and that's what makes them perfect.

        As you see, ours are made of the whole original hide including full grain and genuine leather, so it is thick and strong enough to be made into top quality belts with only one piece of leather. Most others have to spray or paint synthetic material such as PU/PVC/Vinyl on the face of their leather to make it resemble a higher grade with the grain split off.

        Below is the comparison between ours and others.

Durability and Price

        This is likely the most controversial debate about our belts. For the sake of the durability vs. price dilemma, let’s assume we are comparing a high quality full grain, vat/submersion dyed leather belt with your average cheap genuine leather belts of most others.

        Date show that there are not more than 2% of belts are made of full grain leather (like us), so be carefully! The average lifespan of our full grain leather belts(wide) is about 8 years (5-10years, depending on your stature and habits) compare to only 12 months of others (wide)!

Below is the PK:

        Although LEATHER is vital to the lifespan of belts, BUCKLES is very important too! Now let us introduce our buckles of belts! Our buckles have both high quality and beautiful appearance as you see above. Because they are from China Dongguan (a well-known production base of high quality buckles)! Most others are from China Fujian province where mass poor quality buckles are produced! The buckle cost us at least three times money than most others!  

        We hope this information helps in your understanding of belt and in your search for the better one. We would feel honored if you were to choose one of ours, you won't be disappointed. Of course we'd prefer you try out one of ours. If you should leave here and keep on searching, take this information with you. If you elect to buy elsewhere, we wish you great success. And thanks for visiting Juhan Leather!

        If possible please send us a massage about your waistline or the size of your pants so that we can deliver you the right belt just fit you!

        Notice: Please select the right size according to the above size table on the base of your waist, and adjust the belt size as Fig below if it is too big to you.

Do you have a special need and want some guidance? Send us a message or an E-mail, we're always happy to help!


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